For a relatively small community there are lots of people doing lots of very varied things, but who is doing what? The initial idea for was really based around the Sitges Directory Page, which gives information on services that people in the Sitges area can offer to each other.

Even after you have lived here for a while it’s always surprising to suddenly find out something new that you previously had no idea about. There lies the problem, although there is plenty of information for people holidaying here, there didn’t seem to be information for ‘the locals’. We then decided to expand the idea and create more of an insider guide to Sitges, with a forum and news items, that hopefully will be used by all those that live here and visitors alike.

Another important fact in the creation of the Sitges4U website was not just to serve as a Sitges guide. Our aim is for the site to be used as a guide and reference for people living in Sant Pere de Ribes, Vilanova, Mas Mestre, Olivella, Can Suria, Las Colinas and beyond.

A great benefit to living around here is there always something going on. The trouble is you never know when! We thought it would be a good idea to create a Sitges Calendar of public holidays and events. Many fiestas do not occur on fixed dates in the year and also vary from town to town; a fiesta in Sitges or Barcelona may not coincide with a holiday elsewhere. We have known of people (who own property here) booking flights for Carnival only to arrive to find the King buried and it all over! Just keep the Sitges calendar in your favourites as a quick reference as to what is going and where.

It is always an advantage to stay with friends when visiting somewhere. They act as a local source of knowledge and can tell you where to go and what to avoid. Hopefully visitors will use Sitges4U in this context, a source of local information they can trust. If you have friends or family coming to stay why not give them this Sitges Guide and let them do their own thing. Likewise if you are renting out accommodation to holidaymakers we feel a lot of information in this Sitges guide and directory could be of great use to them. This is especially true of places to eat. Eating out is like a national past time in Spain and one of the lifestyle benefits of living here. When the sun is shining and you have a day off nothing can beat a long lunch or dinner shared with friends. The down side is spending money and wasting valuable time in run of the mill restaurants. Worse is telling someone else to go there. So we decided to create some pages featuring restaurants in Sitges, and just as importantly outside of Sitges, based on recommendations only. If no one has said anything good about them they won’t get in!

So recommend this Sitges guide to everyone. Not only will it save you a lot of time explaining the dos and don’ts but also will remove that thankless responsibility of having to recommend somewhere yourself!



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